Aurora poised to limit restaurant delivery service fees; OK lobbying regulations


AURORA | Aurora city council members will consider finalizing lobbying rules and a tax exemption for menstrual products during a council meeting Monday at 6:30 p.m. 

They’ll also mull finalizing an extension of the city’s cap on fees restaurants pay to delivery giants GrubHub, Uber Eats and DoorDash. 

The menstrual care product proposal would remove sales tax costs when cashiers ring up tampons, menstrual pads, sanitary napkins, panty liners, menstrual sponges and menstrual cups. Sponsor Allison Hiltz said it’s an effort to alleviate budget stress on women who have financially suffered during the pandemic. 

Councilmember Angela Lawson is pushing a lobbying ordinance that’s also up for a final vote Monday. 

She said in a meeting earlier this month that the law would create a public record of lobbyists attempting to sway the city’s decision-making targets. 

Lobbyists would have to frequently disclose their activities in public reports. City council members, city staff, commission members and zoning officials who speak with them would also have to disclose activities with lobbyists. 

Aurorans could click through reports to see which interest groups try to whip up support — or opposition to — bills on thorny issues from big developments and oil and gas permits to police reforms, immigration rules, minimum wage increases and more. 

And in a 5 p.m. study session, Councilmember Crystal Murillo is introducing a declaration that “housing is a human right.” 

While creating nothing concrete, the resolution would “provide more support for legislative matters related to housing and homelessness” and create “another showing of support to preserve existing affordable housing and create more.”

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1 year ago

Why are condoms not tax free? It would really remove alot of stress in my life given virus and lack of opportunities to meet men and women.

Dennis Duffy
Dennis Duffy
1 year ago

Every now and then they , council people, make sense