APS launches a new logo, representing a changed school district


AURORA | Say goodbye to the blue man. Aurora Public Schools has officially unveiled its new logo and tagline for the start of the school year.

Since last fall the district has been undergoing a process of creating a new logo as part of creating a stronger brand identity for the district. With the start of the 2022-2023 school year the geometric logo and the tagline “power your potential” is starting to pop on on district buildings, podiums and 

“The district’s new logo draws inspiration directly from its vision of a future in which Aurora shines brighter through the strengths of every student,” it said in a news release. “The logo

The new Aurora Public Schools logo hangs on a lectern from an Aug. 10, 2022 event.
Sentinel Photo

mark, constructed of multiple ‘A’ shapes using folded lines and a bright color palette, evokes many individuals and pieces coming together to form a dynamic community that is both welcoming and transformative.”

The district’s previous white-and-blue logo of an abstract human figure holding a globe in front of a mountain range was selected in 2007. It has not had an official district motto until now, but has unofficially used the tagline of its strategic plan, “every student shapes a successful future.”

At its June school board meeting, district officials said that by creating a stronger brand identity it hopes to encourage more families who live within district boundaries to send their students to APS schools.

Chief Communications Director Patti Moon said at the meeting that at the time the old logo was adopted, the district was not working hard to promote itself and how much lower graduation rates and rates of academic achievement.

“We are not the district we were in the past,” she said.

The district partnered with the firm Mission Minded for the redesign, which was contracted for $200,000. It did not provide a cost for the rebranding of materials, but said that the rollout will take place over two years and parts of it will be absorbed into planned maintenance.

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