Judge sets Aurora theater shooting trial opening statements for April 27


CENTENNIAL | The trial against accused theater shooter James Holmes will almost certainly begin April 27 after prosecutors and defenders agreed Tuesday to begin opening statements on that day.

Judge Carlos Samour Jr. asked the sides to agree on a date after a prospective juror said her wedding would be held the prior week. Instead of excusing the juror from her duty, District Attorney George Brauchler and public defender Daniel King agreed to set April 27 as the most likely date for opening statements barring any delay or decisions to postpone the trial further.

The final phase of jury selection will be April 13- April 14, followed by a two-week break before opening statements.

In the morning phase of jury selection March 17, two potential jurors were moved on to the third phase of jury selection.

The first potential juror, a research scientist at the University of Colorado, said she knew one of the potential witnesses that may be called to testify at trial. The woman said she was aware that Holmes was a student at CU before the July 12, 2012 killings but she had no contact with him prior to the mass shooting.

The second, a teacher, said he would be able to serve on the jury during his summer break.

Jury selection will continue Wednesday.