Judge marks halfway point in Aurora theater shooting jury selection


CENTENNIAL | Judge Carlos Samour Jr. said Thursday that individual jury questioning in the Aurora theater shooting trial had its official halfway point — both in terms of jurors selected to move forward and days allotted.

Samour made his remarks toward the end of a busy day for the court March 12. After 19 days of individual jury selection, 68 potential jurors had progressed to the next phase of jury selection. Samour said he’d like 68 more selected in the next 19 days scheduled for individual jury selection.

The third and final phase of jury selection will be a group questioning round where the court will whittle 120-130 jurors down to the final 12 jurors and 12 alternate jurors needed for the five-month trial.

Four more jurors were selected to continue through to the group questioning phase March 12. Seven jurors were dismissed.

During the afternoon session, four possible victims or family members from the 2012 theater shooting watched juror questioning and were visibly emotional at times.

During one juror’s answer, when defender Rebecca Higgs asked if the man would have the courage to sentence accused shooter James Holmes to life in prison instead of death, even if the families knew, the man responded:

“With all respect to the families, their emotions can’t determine the case,” he said. The man, who said he was a single father and former teacher, said he understood the families’ grief and pain, but said those feelings wouldn’t sway his decision.

Jury selection is scheduled to continue Friday.

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6 years ago

Get this murdering scum on trial, then hang his ass! 2 years and they’re still screwing around seating jurors to insure him of his ‘rights’, what of the ‘rights’ of those he murdered? They have none, but we must use all caution in trying him, wouldn’t want him to be falsely accused. The cops should have shot him when they found him, end of story.