Hickenlooper plans lawsuit over drilling bans


DENVER | Environments are
concerned after Gov. John Hickenlooper said Colorado has an
obligation to sue Fort Collins over banning oil and gas development
within its city limits.

Hickenlooper says an oil and
gas drilling ban takes away mineral rights of companies that own
them. Environment Colorado says Hickenlooper is bowing to oil and
gas companies, potentially exposing people to air pollution and
toxic spills.
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Randee Webb
8 years ago

THANK YOU, Environment Colorado. The truth is that Colorado’s obligation is to support American Democracy, including Colorado home rule and the idea that municipalities and counties should have the right and OBLIGATION to protect their citizens’ health and jobs in farming, tourism, fishing and ranching… — not just one industry. What kind of governor sues his people against their civil right to life?

It has been proven over and over that oil & gas unconventional drillling, fracking, all related activities, are NOT SAFE and that it takes away the COMPELLING RIGHT of people to clean air, clean Water and plenty of it, a healthy life for oneself, children, and future generations, even a lifestyle chosen to be away from heavy industry.

Governor Hickenlooper has shown himself, over and over, to be representing the oil and gas industry first and foremost. He does not represent the citizens when he refuses to respond to petitions of 14,000 that are presented by grassroots citizen groups, environmental groups, businesses, and faith groups.

8 years ago

As Randee stated, the State of Colorado is a home rule state. To learn that the
Governor feels it is HIS obligation to sue Fort Collins over banning oil and gas
development after a DEMOCRATIC vote by elected officials is pathetic.
Bragging that he (Hickenlooper) drank green fracking fluid only makes him look
like the fool he is.