Grocery cart races to new fundraising heights


AURORA | If you noticed a supermarket scramble Tuesday night, it was purely by design.

The Comitis Crisis Center held its annual Grocery Cart Races at Safeway to raise money and food for the shelter, which provides assistance to low-income residents or homeless in the area. This was the fourth year for the event.

“It was an incredible success,” said James Gillespie, spokesman for Comitis Crisis Center. “It was ridiculous fun.”

According to event organizers the annual dash raised more than $16,820 for the food bank and shelter. Nearly $5,000 in groceries were purchased from the Safeway on South Havana Street near Florida Avenue. The total sum was nearly $5,000 more than the event raised last year.

Gillespie said the money will help cover perishable food purchases for the year, with additional money to help for the kitchen. The center will provide about 19,000 meals for needy in the city this year.

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Toute Swite
Toute Swite
8 years ago

How come no mention of the winning grocery cart teams, and no photos of them??