SUMMERFUN: Wildlife Experienced?


    University of Colorado’s tentacles stretch well beyond the flagship campus in Boulder.

    And if you live in the south metro and are a big fan of all-things wildlife, that’s welcome news.

    WildlifeExperienceWEBCU South Denver’s Wildlife Experience in Parker is a hodgepodge of much of what makes Colorado so cool.

    It’s part museum, part art gallery, part movie theater, and almost all of it celebrates the state’s outdoors and the wildlife that live there.

    Located inside the Liniger Building at 10035 S. Peoria St. in Parker, the sprawling museum plays host throughout the year to school groups and other organizations, but it’s also an ideal stop for a family looking for something cool to do on the weekends.

    This summer the art gallery’s shows will include a photo show focused on wildlife in the water and another on wild horses. Both are worth checking out — see their website at for details.

    Then there’s the cinema. While most of the movies on the big screen there celebrate the great outdoors — often Colorado, sometimes more exotic locales — they also host movie and martini nights where you can snag a cocktail and watch a classic like “Pulp Fiction.” And before and after the flick, feel free to stroll through the museum and art gallery.

    And if you’re looking for something cool for the little ones, the Discovery Den boasts plenty of nature-themed fun for youngsters, whether they’re interested in the water cycle, avalanches or wildlife.

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