SUMMERFUN: Spring into Summer Spa Mode at Mt. Princeton


    The best way to beat the summer heat in Colorado is to ditch the Front Range and head for the high country. And if you’re smart, you’re taking U.S. Route 285 instead of the overcrowded Interstate 70 to enjoy natural outdoor wonders such as those offered at Mount Princeton Hot Springs, located off 285 between the towns of Buena Visit and Salida.

    St. Elmo (Adam Goldstein/The Aurora Sentinel)Surrounded by the San Isabel National Forest, this resort is named after the famous Colorado 14er with the same moniker. The hot springs waters at Mount Princeton are 100-percent natural and odorless, and bubble out of the ground at 120 degrees. The resort features a variety of pools: from a historic bath house built in 1897, to the creekside hot spring pools, which are broken down into natural individual pools ranging in temperature from 70 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees. The upper hot spring pools even have a 400-foot water slide.

    The resort allows visitors to purchase a day pass or as part of an overnight or weekend trip.

    Lodging at Mount Princeton is varied and ranges from condo cabins that sleep about two people to  luxury cabin rentals for larger groups. Hotel rooms overlooking the Rockies are also available.

    Located at 15870 County Road 162, Nathrop, CO. Call  1-888-395-7799  to make a reservation or visit

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