SUMMERFUN: Make That Mandatory Mountain Town Trip Nearby — Idaho Springs


    You won’t even make it home from the airport before your out-of-town in-laws from Iowa start making noise about seeing the “real Colorado” as they drive through the desert-y prairie to your seriously scrubbed home. Breck. Vail. Estes. Crowds. Traffic. Oy.

    But 45 minutes from Aurora is the answer to everything: Idaho Springs. Often overlooked as not mountain town enough to be mountain-town destination, one of the state’s oldest and most colorful communities has everything on a must-do mountain checklist: Lots of trails nearby and along the road to one of the most breathtaking parts of Colorado: Mount Evans. Two historic mines that offer cool tours, The Phoenix and the Argo. Easy to yay-hoo rafting on Clear Creek. Flatlander trout pond fishing, no license needed, at nearby Mt. Evans Trout Farm. More? Lots of historical buildings in and near town, including one of the country’s last remaining powder houses, you know, ka-boom, a tiny fire house, pioneer museum, lots of Victorian treasures and family-friendly, affordable Indian Hot Springs spa, pool and more.
            Idaho Springs is also home to epic candy and ice cream, world-famous Beau Jo’s mountain pies, astounding Tommyknockers brewery, the new Westbound and Down tony mountain brewpub and killer Q at Smokin’ Yard’s and plenty more. Missing from the Springs? Traffic and crowds.

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