Driver injured after car strikes RTD train in Aurora Wednesday

The site of a collision between a train and a vehicle near Smith Road and Chambers Road in Aurora on April 28, 2021. Photo provided by the Aurora Police Department.

AURORA | A man in his 30s is in critical condition at a local hospital after he drove his car through a lowered crossing arm and collided with the A-line train near the intersection of Smith Road and Chambers Road in Aurora Wednesday.

Aurora police said the man was attempting to turn north onto Chambers from the westbound lanes of Smith Road when he struck the train bound for Denver International Airport at about 12:50 p.m. April 28. A spokesperson for Aurora police said the man “disregarded the lowered level crossing signals” as he entered into the train’s path.

It’s currently unclear if the man was in any way intoxicated at the time of the collision.

Authorities did not provide additional details regarding the man’s injuries, but described them as “life-threatening” in a news release.

Police confirmed there were 43 passengers aboard the train at the time of the collision, and that two of them were evaluated for injuries. Neither of the passengers who received medical care at the scene were taken to the hospital for further treatment.

Investigators are now working with officials from the Regional Transportation District to ensure the crossing arms, lights and bells were working properly.

The northbound portion of Chambers Road has been closed at the intersection with Smith Road for much of the afternoon.  

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Trebor Cadeau
Trebor Cadeau
1 year ago

Drunk, drugs or attempted suicide?
Otherwise, how do you the flashing mee-mool lights (o)T(o) and lowered gates with flashing red lights?

Joe Felice
Joe Felice
1 year ago

He was probably texting. And I wonder how-many flights were missed because of this guy.