Coffman detractors head to GOP convention to voice concerns


    AURORA | Three Aurora residents who say U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, R-Aurora, is not listening to their concerns are hoping to get face time with him at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. on Aug. 27.

    The problem is, the lawmaker’s spokesman said Coffman won’t be there.

    The residents met near a Hoffman Heights neighborhood Aug. 23 before they headed to the airport, saying they want to address a host of concerns with him ranging from jobs and the economy to his stance on social issues like personhood.

    The residents are a part of the nonprofit organization Colorado Fair Share Coalition, and say Coffman has been spending too much time in Washington D.C. and not enough time in Aurora. They say they’ve visited his office and sent letters to him, but he hasn’t responded.

    “Since we haven’t been able to reach him here, then maybe down at the convention we’ll be able to,” said registered Independent Wanda Ramey. Ramey, 65, said she wants to know why Coffman supports Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s budget, which would reform the federal health care assistance program for the elderly.

    When reached, Ali Cochran, a member of the coalition, said the group was were “confused and upset” to know that Coffman wouldn’t be at the convention.

    “We’ve been trying to find Mike all summer,” she said. “Once we found out that Mike was going to be on our ballots in Aurora, we wanted to find out where he stood on the issues that matter to us.”

    Plane tickets for the three Aurora residents cost between $250 and $280 and were paid for by the Colorado Fair Share Coalition, said Laura Chapin, a member of the coalition.

    Owen Loftus, Coffman’s communications director, said Coffman will be in Colorado during the convention, and has offered residents several opportunities over the past couple of months to visit with him.

    “Congressman Coffman prides himself as being open and available to meet with his constituents and has had dozens of public events over the summer, including forums, meet-and-greets, town halls, parades, roundtables and meetings with civic organization like the Veterans of Foreign Wars across the district, including in his hometown of Aurora,” he said.

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