Overland math teacher gone after Twitter scandal


AURORA | Carly McKinney, a former Overland High School math teacher accused of sending explicit tweets — some during school hours — is no longer employed by the Cherry Creek School District, the district announced today.
The agreement to end her employment is part of a settlement reached with the district after she was placed on administrative leave in January. The 23-year-old math teacher met with district administrators and Overland staff Jan. 30 after a 9News report revealed the Twitter account. The account included revealing pictures of McKinney, as well as references to her having marijuana in her car that was parked on school grounds. The account was deleted shortly after the report aired. According to the original story, McKinney claimed that others had access to the account and posted pictures and status updates.
Cherry Creek District Spokeswoman Tustin Amole said in January that while a personal social media account falls under First Amendment rights and free speech, the references to drug use
on campus are another issue. “Our concern is if she violated district policy or law based on some of the things l she’s posted,” Amole said. “This is new territory. This is something that everybody is coming to grips with.” The Twitter account also included hints that McKinney was posting during school hours, another violation of district policy.
“During work hours, she’s
supposed to be doing district work,” Amole said. “Those are the things that we are investigating.” According to the settlement, McKinney will be paid through the end of March.

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Cherry Creek School District
Cherry Creek School District
9 years ago

The Cherry Creek School District issued the following statement, Friday, March 22, 2013 and has not disclosed the terms of the teacher’s departure from the Cherry Creek School District asit is a personnel matter and not part of the public record.

“The Overland High School teacher, who was placed on administrative leave after allegations of impropriety arose, is no longer employed by the District.”

Tustin Amole

Director of Communications

Cherry Creek School District