CD6 WATCH: Coffman, Carroll both critical of Trump ahead of GOP nominee’s Colorado visit


AURORA | As Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump prepares to campaign in Colorado on Friday, both major-party candidates in Aurora’s 6th Congressional District aren’t happy with the GOP’s ticket topper.

Both Democratic state Sen. Morgan Carroll and U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, R-Aurora, issued critical statements on Trump Thursday morning, July 28, ahead of Hillary Clinton’s acceptance of the Democratic presidential nomination and Trump’s swing through Colorado the next day.

State Sen. Morgan Carroll, left and Congressman Mike Coffman, right, battling in 2016 for the 6th Congressional District seat
State Sen. Morgan Carroll, left and Congressman Mike Coffman, right, battling in 2016 for the 6th Congressional District seat

The main difference between the two statements? Carroll sought to tie Coffman to Trump and the Republicans who have thus far rallied behind his campaign.

“It’s deeply disappointing that Congressman Coffman has decided to put Trump’s Republican Party ahead of Colorado,” Carroll said, who plans a media event Friday to further discuss Trump’s visit to Colorado. “Coloradans deserve independent and common sense leadership that will deliver real results, not more of the same hateful rhetoric and divisive policies that hurt hardworking families. Our district and our state deserves someone who will fight for them — not insult and harm them.”

But Coffman, within minutes of Carroll’s statement, noted that he has many concerns with Trump and his stated positions.

“For months I have made it clear when, where, and how I disagree with Donald Trump,” Coffman said in his statement. “He has no apparent plan to balance the budget, his immigration policy is cruel and absurd, and his divisive campaign is further dividing America.

“My opponent, state senator Morgan Carroll, is behaving like she’s Hillary Clinton’s running mate,” Coffman continued. “She’s yet to articulate a single difference on any issue whatsoever.”

Coffman went on to criticize Clinton for not speaking out on problems with the Department of Veterans Affairs, as well as her support for President Barack Obama’s health reforms and the Iran nuclear deal.

“And all we get from state Sen. Carroll is silence or ‘me too.’ … will (she) ever disagree with Hillary Clinton on anything?” Coffman’s statement read.

Both Carroll’s campaign and other pro-Democratic groups have sought to link Coffman and Trump based on statements made about immigration, President Obama’s birth certificate and funding for Planned Parenthood. Coffman originally endorsed Florida Sen. Marco Rubio for the GOP presidential nomination and has not publicly endorsed Trump, though a Coffman campaign spokeswoman in February told the Colorado Statesman — when asked if the congressman would support the GOP nominee over Clinton or Bernie Sanders — that “the answer is obviously yes.”