CCA campus at Lowry set to benefit from $400K in new construction


AURORA | Two construction projects with a total price tag of $400,000 could change the look and feel of the Community College of Aurora campus at Lowry by next summer.

According to CCA officials, plans are underway for construction projects that cost $200,000 and would add signs and improve access to the campus centered at the former Air Force base at Lowry. Additionally, the school is currently in negotiations with the city of Aurora to fund $200,000 worth of landscaping improvements along East 6th Avenue. CCA and the city would each contribute $100,000 for the project.

The college’s negotiations with the city to fund the landscape improvements will be finalized by January. Those improvements will include xeriscape and drought-resistant landscaping along 6th Avenue.

CCA is working with the Colorado Community College System to develop the new signs around the campus. Officials say the additions will make it easier to navigate the campus and offer routes to specific buildings. The $200,000 for that project will come partly from the CCA Foundation. The additions will likely include a new entrance sign to the Lowry campus listing tenants.

Both construction projects could be completed by next July. They follow the addition of a new $1.4 million entrance and plaza at the campus’ West Quad in 2011.

“The major benefit we’re going to have is people arriving on campus are going to receive some professional landscaping where currently there’s a hodgepodge of grass and dirt,” said CCA Vice President of Administration Rich Maestas in a release. “But more than that, they’ll see signage and way finding that makes Lowry easier to navigate.”