Aurora state Sen. Morgan Carroll bids to head up state Colorado Democratic Party


AURORA | Outgoing state lawmaker and local attorney state Sen. Morgan Carroll announced a bid to run for chair of the Colorado Democratic Party in a Nov. 30 statement posted on her personal Facebook page.

The announcement comes less than a month after Carroll lost to incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman in a race to represent the city’s 6th Congressional District.

“Democrats have always been on the side of people — to ensure good wages, retirement security, and defense of our civil liberties,” Carroll wrote in her statement.

She went on to denounce Republican leadership at the federal level.

“President-elect Trump, Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have promoted a fringe agenda that rewards only the wealthiest people and corporations and creates economic insecurity for everyone else,” she said. “They have fanned the flames of intolerance and bigotry. They have made hate mainstream. The majority of Americans did not vote for them yet they now have undivided control of the United States of America.”

In what was originally billed as a highly contested race, Coffman trounced Carroll in his bid for re-election by about eight percentage points, or 31,000 votes, according to the Colorado Secretary of State’s unofficial results.

A former state legislator in both chambers, Carroll served as the state Senate President from 2013 to 2014. She currently works at the Denver law firm Bachus & Schanker.

The Colorado Democratic Party is currently chaired by Rick Palacio, who has served in the role since being elected March 5, 2011. Palacio announced in an email sent yesterday that he will not seek re-election as the state chair in 2017.

Party elections are expected to be held in early March, according to Anne Wilseck, executive director of the Colorado Democratic Party. She said Carroll is believed to be the only person to have formally announced a bid for the chairmanship.

Chairs serve for two-year terms, with elections held in odd years. There are no term limits.

Any registered Democrat in Colorado is eligible to become chair of the state party, according to Wilseck.