Aurora man gets life for killing girlfriend who caught him having fetish sex in 2015


AURORA | An Aurora man was sentenced to life in prison last week after prosecutors say he killed his girlfriend when she walked in on him having sex with two men.

Christopher Michael Winters, 45, was convicted Friday, April 29, of first-degree murder after a five-day trial, Adams County prosecutors said.

The jury deliberated for just a few hours before finding Winters guilty of killing Coresa Breault on May 23, 2015, at the couple’s home at 1769 Beeler St.

“I am very grateful that the jury delivered a just verdict in this case and I hope that Coresa Breault’s family have a sense of closure now that the defendant will be spending the rest of his life in prison for this brutal murder,” Adams County District Attorney Dave Young said in a statement.

In an arrest affidavit filed against Winters, police said they responded to the home on May 26, 2015, after Breault’s family asked them to check on her.

When police arrived, Winters let them in the home and eventually directed them to a bedroom where they found Breault’s body.

Winters then told police that Breault worked a graveyard shift as a taxi dispatcher and while she was at work the night before, he used methamphetamine and had sex with two men that were invited via a chat line Winters called. He told police he had a fetish for putting on women’s clothes, blindfolding himself, then letting men enter the home to play out rape fantasies with him.

When Breault came home the next morning and walked in on him, Winters told police one of the men told him he “better do something about this.” Winters said that while still blindfolded, he strangled Breault.

The two men then left the home and Winters said he moved Breault’s body to a bedroom.

He told investigators he was blindfolded the entire encounter and did not see the other men and couldn’t provide much of a description of them.

After moving Breault’s body, he told police he tried to kill himself with a mixture of insulin and methamphetamine.

Prosecutors said in a statement Friday that Winters killed Breault because he was ashamed that she caught him.

“He suffered from the stigmatism of his unspeakable sexual fetish,” Chief Deputy District Attorney Patrick Costigan told the jury in closing arguments.