Arapahoe County Cultural Council seeks new Aurora representative


    ARAPAHOE COUNTY | The Arapahoe County Cultural Council is looking for a new representative from Aurora, according to an announcement the county posted to its website Thursday.

    The vacancy on the 13-member council was created after current council member Janel Loud-Mahany elected not to run for a new term on the board earlier this month, according to Julie Patterson, this year’s cultural council vice chair. Members are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners and serve two-year terms.

    The cultural council is responsible for approving and dispersing funds from the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District for in-county arts and culture organizations. After applications are submitted each spring, the council recommends a distribution plan for SCFD funds, which is then forwarded to the Board of County Commissioners for ratification. The recommendations are then handed to the SCFD board for final review.

    Interested applicants must live in an Arapahoe County section of Aurora, be willing to conduct in-person interviews with funding applicants each spring, and be able to attend regular meetings throughout the year. Meetings become weekly in April and May when applications are being read and evaluated, according to the county’s announcement.

    Applications to fill the cultural council vacancy are due by Oct. 30.

    The structure of SCFD funding has been mired in controversy in recent months due to several organizations vying to have their respective disbursement proposals be adopted for use on the 2016 ballot. The current model is set to expire in 2018 and must be approved by voters next year in order to stay in existence.

    The SCFD pot totaled more than $52 million last year and is collected via a one-cent tax on each $10 purchase made in the seven-county metro region.

    To apply to become the Aurora representative in Arapahoe County, visit or call Carol Dosmann at 303-795-4531.