Adams County Sheriff: Reigenborn vs McIntosh


    Adams SheriffsWith three-term Adams County Sheriff Doug Darr set to leave office in January because of term limits, two of Darr’s deputies are vying to replace him. On the Republican side, Michael McIntosh is running for the seat. For the Democrats, Rick Reigenborn is running. Reigenborn is a sergeant for the sheriff’s office, and McIntosh is a division chief.

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    AdCo sheriffs say they’ll be better with city

    By BRANDON JOHANSSON, Staff Writer

    The relationship between Aurora officials and the Adams County sheriff’s office has been strained in recent years.

    Adams SheriffsThe primary sticking point between the sheriff’s office and Aurora — as well as other municipalities in Adams County — has been a cap on inmates the jail will accept from municipal courts. City officials say the cap puts public safety at risk, while Sheriff Doug Darr, citing staffing woes, has said it is necessary to keep the number of inmates at a manageable and safe level.

    Still, the feud became so heated that last year Aurora and other cities filed a lawsuit against the county, a rare step for two branches of local governments. The suit is on hold after a deal to allow some extra municipal inmates, but the cap remains a sore point for city leaders.

    With Darr leaving office because of term limits, the two men vying to replace him say they are poised to thaw those chilly relationships with cities such as Aurora.

    Rick Reigenborn is running as a Democrat and Mike McIntosh is running as a Republican for Adams County sheriff. Both men are longtime deputies who have served a variety of roles over the years with the sheriff’s office, including working in the jail.

    Reigneborn is currently a sergeant, while McIntosh is a division chief and the third-highest ranking officer in the department, behind only Darr and the undersheriff.

    Both candidates said they would work to lift the cap as soon as possible, and both said that by simply having a new person as sheriff the relationship between the department and local cities will get better.

    “The relationship-building is going to be a lot different, I believe,” McIntosh said.

    No matter what, McIntosh said because the sheriff’s office is hiring more deputies, the staffing issues will be alleviated in the coming years.

    Reigenborn said his goal will be to lift the cap completely and he said that can happen by working with the cities, courts and others to both trim the number of people sentenced to jail, and increase the number of deputies.

    “I think we can come to an agreement,” he said.

    Reigenborn, who was endorsed by the ACSO’s branch of the Fraternal Order of Police, said he would also like to see an increased focus on community policing with deputies seeking input more often from the public.

    “As law enforcement we do a better job when we interact with the community more than we currently do,” he said.

    Darr was one of more than 50 Colorado sheriffs who sued the state over new gun control measures in 2013. Reigenborn said that while he opposed the new gun laws, he would not have joined the lawsuit.

    “Anytime government sues government, we the citizens are paying for both of those sides,” he said.

    McIntosh, who has been endorsed by Darr, said he supports the lawsuit because sheriffs play an important role in stopping government over reach.

    “The sheriff is that last line of defense for his community,” he said.

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    Rick Reigenborn is the Democratic candidate for Adams County sheriff. He started in law enforcement as a volunteer reserve officer in Brighton. He was promoted to ADCO.Sheriff.Rick.Reigenbornreserve lieutenant and joined the force full time in 1991. Since then, he has served as patrolman, in the jail, as instructor, field supervisor, undercover drug investigator and on the county SWAT team. Reigenborn received the Medal of Valor, the highest award that can be earned, for entering a burning building and rescuing three people unable to escape their apartment. He was received the Medal of Distinguished Service, the second highest obtainable award, for his handling of an armed domestic disturbance.

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    Michael McIntosh is the Republican candidate for Adams County sheriff. He is currently Adams County Sheriff department Division Chief and has been an active member of the Adams County community for nearly 40 years. After graduating from Brighton High School, he in the U.S. Navy He was hired by the Adams County sheriff ADCO.Sheriff.Michael.McInstoshdepartment in 1988. He was promoted to sergeant in 1999. He has served as on patrol, as detective and focused on crimes against children. He became a SWAT Team Leader, Lieutenant and Division Captain. He is currently  Division Chief of Administrative Services. He has received the Distinguished Service Medal, the David R. Martinez Memorial Award, Sheriff’s Silver Star (two-time recipient) and the Dale R. McLaughlin Award for Leadership. Under his direct leadership, the Adams County Sheriff’s Office POST Academy was launched in 2007 and McIntosh continues to serve as its Academy Director.

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