AURORA | Coroner officials identified the 23-year-old man shot multiple times in an apartment complex parking lot early Sunday as Jose Hernandez Peña.

“He died of a gunshot wound, and his death is classified as a homicide,” according to an Arapahoe County coroner report.

Peña was found early Sunday shot dead inside a car parked at a central Aurora apartment parking lot, police said. 

Officers were called to respond to a shooting about 4:45 a.m. at Lyn Knoll neighborhood apartment complex in the 500 block of Potomac Street.

“When officers arrived, they found a man slumped in the driver’s seat of a blue 2006 Volkswagen Jetta,” police spokesperson Joe Moylan said in a statement. “There were multiple bullet holes in the driver’s side window.”

Police said the man inside the car had been shot numerous times.

Police said anyone with information can call Metro Denver Crime Stoppers at 720-913-7867. Tipsters can remain anonymous and still be eligible for a reward of up to $2,000, police said.

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  1. These apartment complexes are all over Aurora. Some more prone to violence than others. Not unlike the hotels on east Colfax. How many times have APD been out to this place? A CORA could sniff out that information. Who knows how much law enforcement has been out, I suspect more than this time. On occasion the city will step in with the ultimate ability to enforce a suspension of the city business license. A check of the current business license required to operate in the city for Aspenwood Apartments interestingly, but not really surprising shows an expired business license by over three years. ID# S20008065-0001 Aspenwood Apartments From 01-May-2012 expires 25- July- 2020. Why has this business been allowed to skate for over three years? Will the city licensing department be knocking at AspenWoods door to bring them into compliance after all this? Call me not persuaded in the least. This looks like some general sloppiness in the cities department that is staffed to collect taxes and insure trustworthy business licensing. And then over and over we keep hearing from the city council we need to figure out more ways how to get more money from taxpayers. Here you go city council.

  2. Same old story.Just another day, month and year go by.Nothing ever gets done or changed for the better.Actually over the past few years,it has gotten worse…The crime is overwhelming.Drug dealers doing their business, right in the middle of the day, knowing there isn’t going to be any reprecussions or consequences…The homeless over running the complex, constantly breaking into the laundry room to sleep,do their drugs and literally cutting open the washers and dryers to get the minimal amount of change… Tenants too afraid to do their laundry.Breaking the locks and doors to shelter in the night.Overwhelmed with the smell of meth.God knows if it is even safe for tenants to be breathing the air inside the laundry room, let alone their children…The homeless deficating and urinating in broad daylight, knowing they’ll be no consequences…A supposed security, that is only hired for (20 minutes a week), useless….Most time’s after crimes are being committed, and especially shots being fired.Aurora police department, are a no show,or are there doing more important issues… These apartment complexes have become,more of a,”stay in your jail cell, to avoid confrontation,then a livable atmosphere..Its a damn shame, with the amount of rents being charged, that tenants have come to the conclusion, that staying behind locked,closed doors is the normalcy…Not to mention, break-ins, WHEN TENANTS ARE AT HOME!!!!!… Aurora has become a criminal war zone,no longer a safe place to call home.Especially the areas from 6th and Del Mar circle,to the entire area around the apartments,at 6th avenue and Potomac Street,both north and south..Oh sure the Aurora police and our council people assured us that patrols would be stepped up..????, even after the killing at the Edge at Fitzsimmons apartments two weeks ago….”It lasted just a few days”….The criminal’s and homeless have taken the stance, that they are the ones in charge of the area…Not a fear in the world of any consequences…Its sad,it’s scary and outright disgusting how bad things have gotten…No consequences for the criminals,no consequences for the homeless, but even more so,no consequences for apartment management or owners to get their properties in compliance with state law, to give tenants a secure and safe place to reside…Its a failure by the apartments management,its a failure by the city to enforce their own rules, and its a failure by the Aurora police department to enforce their own policies also
    ..The gas station on 6th and Potomac Street,has become a mecca for the drug dealers in broad daylight and the homeless to do what the hell they want… Aurora,”you have let down your citizens.”

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