COLORADO VOTES 2022: Coroner Kelly Lear, now a Democrat, faces challenge from Ron Bouchard

Ron Bouchard | Kelly Lear

Kelly Lear, an 18-year veteran of the Arapahoe County Coroner’s Office, is seeking re-election this fall, opposed by Republican microscopist Ron Bouchard.

Bouchard did not return his Sentinel survey. His campaign website says he is running to bring greater transparency to the office. He said he wants to “elucidate the root cause of deaths associated with global COVID-19 pandemic” and investigate cases of “sudden adult death syndrome,” a diagnosis that vaccine skeptics have claimed without evidence is being used to hide the true nature of vaccine-related deaths.

Lear has promoted herself as the only physician and forensic pathologist on the ballot and said she is running to uphold her office’s high standard of work.

“I am seeking re-election in order to give the families that we serve the highest-quality medicolegal death investigation, something that happens only with medically informed leadership,” she wrote in her Sentinel survey.

“I believe that it is vital that a medical doctor be the person directing medical decisions and determining the cause and manner of death; families deserve to have this resource available to them when seeking answers to a tragic death.”

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