We’re here for you, but now we need you to carry on our dedication to trusted news


We know that you can’t put a price on trusted local journalism. So we didn’t. Sentinel Colorado offers free website access. The Sentinel Street Edition is free across the region. Our replica-print editions are available online to anyone.

Dependable information about our world is too important to put behind a paywall only for those who can afford it. But free access to accurate, vital news doesn’t come free. We need your support to sustain our mission, for everyone.

Please join us with a contribution today, it’s worth double now and through Dec. 31. Through the end of the year, The Colorado Media Project will match your donation dollar for dollar, up to $1,000 per donation.

Every donation of $25 or more includes a subscription sent to your home, office or as a gift for someone else. Access to Honest Journalism for everyone depends on you.

Please take a moment to click here to subscribe, make a new donation, or add to your generosity.

On behalf of our committed staff, we appreciate your support and  welcome your feedback as we strive to keep Sentinel Colorado as your trusted destination for honest local journalism.

It takes just a moment to fill out our easy and secure form for any amount of support you can help with. Just click here. Or mail your donation to Sentinel Colorado 3033 S. Parker Road Suite 208 Aurora, CO 80014.

Thanks from all of us.

Dave Perry
Editor and Publisher of Sentinel Colorado
[email protected]





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Jessica case
Jessica case
7 months ago

How do I get a subscription to your newspaper and how much is it I need to send it to an inmate

Kim Bowers
1 month ago

Seriously, I just donated $25 as you requested and the FIRST article I looked at had the pledge request. Then the request came up repeatedly as I tried to read the paper. Why don’t you set up a way to exclude those of us that support you?

Max Parrish
Max Parrish
3 days ago

Well, Dave, you have narrowed your own readership, by discounting half the population, by your dutiful water-carrying for the democrats. The bill is due.
(That this needs ‘approval’ is so typical!)

Last edited 3 days ago by Max Parrish